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Our Experience


Thirteen years and a billion of pieces of mail later, we’re still focused solely on direct marketing. It’s what we do, and we dig it. As a result, we’re one of the Bay Area’s most experienced and trusted direct marketing agencies.

Time and time again, we have developed direct mail packages that surpass our clients’ current control and exceed their KPIs.



Top notch agency services

We will manage your direct mail campaign from start to finish. Or, if you only need us for specific portions of your project, we can help with that, too.

    • Campaign strategy
    • Creative services
    • List research and negotiation

    • Production and lettershop
    • Mailing services
    • Campaign analysis


We don’t try to be all things to all people. We’re a rare breed that focuses only on direct marketing. We don’t want to just drive response, we want to close sales. Whatever your goals are for your campaign, we can help you reach and exceed them.

    • Lead generation
    • Customer acquisition
    • Customer cross-sell
    • Triggered marketing
    • Direct product sales
    • Event marketing

    • Driving traffic
    • Tradeshow pre-mailers
    • List building
    • Nurture stream
    • Win-back
    • Customer retention

More expertise for less

We not only have a level of experience in direct marketing that is unmatched, but we also do it for less.

    • Focused on your ROI. We find ways to increase performance and cut costs. And we take pride in stretching our clients marketing budgets to do more for less.
    • Rigorous quality control process. We ensure flawless mail programs that deliver on time and on budget.
    • Fixed-bid project pricing. With our pricing model, there are no unwanted surprises or unexpected changes to planning.
    • Scalable resources. Our structure allows us to keep costs low – typically 20%-40% below other agencies.
    • Expert buyers. With millions of pieces mailing each month, we have considerable leverage and buying power. Discounted buying agreements allow us to buy at lower than wholesale rates.

A partner, not a vendor

We are not your “vendor,” we are your strategic partner, focused on mutual goals. Our experience goes far beyond creative or production — we’ve been behind the wheel of many performance-driven programs using our disciplined, strategic approach.

    • Proven approach. We have a long track record of establishing new control packages and helping accelerate new program development. We understand the key drivers and best practices, which allows us to see opportunities and find performance breakthroughs.
    • Strategic testing. We have deep expertise in multivariate testing, which enables us to accelerate program development. Through focused testing, we help you understand your market and solve your key marketing challenges.
    • Thorough analytics. We develop detailed tracking and analysis reports, helping you create a clear view of the key performance drivers, and uncover hidden opportunities.
    • Long-range planning. We create ongoing planning and engineer programs to reduce risk, optimize results, and maximize sales.

Values that benefit everyone

Our values are important to our company and they help us partner with the right clients. When our values align, it ensures success and helps nurture a long term partnership.

    • We are passionate about direct mail. Genuine enthusiasm, especially when shared, translates into authenticity, creativity and efficiency in our work.
    • We enhance customer value through response. Successful direct response generates revenue for our clients. Responsiveness to our clients helps us get them there. Both are essential to building customer loyalty.
    • We build a positive team & have fun. Intense projects, deadlines and occasional fire drills are insignificant compared to the satisfaction we can enjoy as friends and members of a great team.
    • We earn trust & respect. Each of us is committed to working and interacting with honesty, integrity, fairness and professionalism – with our clients and each other.
    • We are knowledgeable, but never stop learning. We must constantly strive to be thought leaders in our industry, because success depends on providing cutting-edge guidance to our clients.

“Gunderson Direct helped us refine our goals and direct mail objectives, making the DM channel a key driver in acquisition.”

- ZipRecruiter

Our work

We’ve built and managed thousands of performance-driven direct mail programs across a variety of industries.
Below is just a sampling of what we have done for our clients.




Pest & termite control


Satellite communications


Business communications

Lending Club

Peer to peer/FinTech

Lending Tree

Financial services



Madison Reed






One Medical Group

Healthcare services


Business communications


Realty services

Personal Capital

Wealth management

Social Finance

Peer to peer/FinTech


Solar energy and leasing

Square Inc.

Merchant services

Union Plus

Union Member benefits

Wells Fargo

Financial services


Job placement and recruiting


Contact us for a FREE creative review of your current control and we will identify key improvements to increase response. Or, if you are new to direct mail, check out our Direct Mail ROI Calculator.

“By pushing us to test more and expand our market reach, we were able to drive more qualified leads, while lowering our CPA.”

- Square, Inc.

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